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A Winter's Day

When Autumn's skeletons are bejewelled with frost;

An austere crystaline beauty,

Seemingly unrelated to the lush flamboyance of the summer past,

And ignorant of the fresh green beauty which will burgeon forth,

In just a few short weeks.  







I had been imprisoned for weeks. Jammed in beside hundreds of others. You couldn’t have picked me out from the crowd. We probably all felt the same. Some were in groups and many were in pairs but none of us knew what our eventual fate would be. Those of us who were single probably felt the most vulnerable, we were the ones if we were moving about would be most easily overlooked or quite simply brushed aside as being of little or no worth.

Then one day our world was severely shaken, there were rattles and bangs and we were all thrown about. We were taken from our prison and massed together. Soon we were being marshalled into groups of a hundred. Everyone was kept with others of the same sort, no political correctness even considered. Those who were left over at the end of the marshalling were returned to prison. There was a lot more space there now and no-one was alone.

I had no idea what this was all about and no-one else in the group I was with seemed any the wiser than I was. I almost wished to be back in the prison, better the devil you know. Fear of the unknown is a dread that many of us have. Had we just swapped one prison for another? Would conditions be any better where we were going? Was this our final destiny?

We were put into a metal transporter. There was no light but there was the distinct noise of an engine and we could feel we were in motion. Still we didn’t know where we were going. No-one told us and we were unable to ask, there was a total communication barrier.

When the engine stopped the container was hoisted up and carried a short distance. We could hear conversation outside. We were being traded! Our captor regarded us as mere bargaining chips! He had more than was actually required for his purposes and consigned those who weren’t needed to another prison, this time it was called Charity Box. Such is the life of Penny, who knows where my journey will end.



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