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2/4/18 Jings I can't believe how the time has flown! It's ages since I've blogged - is that now officially a word?

I was working in Cupar today with a mixed group of adults and children. It was great fun, everybody seemed to enjoy themselves and went home with a beautifully decorated cardboard eggs. I am so lucky to be working at what I do, how many of us can go out to work and have the fun that I do. If any of you who were in the group today are reading this I would like to say thank you for a lovely afternoon. Next week we are going to be making a candle and candle holder, I'm looking forward to it already!  

19/1/18 It's a fortnight since I last added some blethers to my blog page. Where on earth has the time gone? Things are getting back to normal, Haydays on a Tuesday, Carehome on a Wednesday, ABE class on Thursday. I've got seven in my class on Tuesday; it's good fun and seeing the different things learners want to produce is great.                                                  The care home on Wednesday is always fun. We had our weekly singing group and a blether, needless to say we had a cup of tea. Life can't go on without a cup of tea. There was snow outside and as most of the residents don't go out when the weather is bad we brought a dish of snow in to let them feel it. Needless to say one live wire started to make a snowball!  All good fun.                                                               5/1/18 Jings! It's  the 5th already! I've only just got used to 2017 and it's gone! It feels like ages since I blogged but it's not as long as I thought. Why does time do that? One minute something feels like yesterday and the next something which more or less was yesterday seems ages ago. I suppose that's what gave some people the idea of the possibility of time travel. This is 12th night I believe, time to take the decorations down if it hasn't been done already. Looking around on my travels yesterday some of the decorations were looking tired. The wet miserable weather didn't help. Taking stock on last year, I think one of the highlights for me had to be painting the hoarding which was one of the community projects I was instrumental in starting. I met so many people and had a lot of fun painting big pictures. I wonder what 2018 has in store? Life is full of adventures and I hope yours is going to be a good one, I certainly hope this year is as much fun as 2017 was for me.           31/12/17 It's over a week since I blogged! Too much spirit of Christmas and not enough spirit of blog. Like most of the nation I've had a busy festive season. It doesn't seem like a year since the last one. I had a lovely evening at the zoo with my daughter and four grandsons the other day, looking at the chinese lanterns. It was a lovely display. Didn't see any real animals though. Sally and I along with some others were dismantling the Christmas windows after the kirk this morning. Time to get back to normal. The Oddfellows parade this evening and that's about it for this year. I was given a video camera today, no instructions came with it; this could be an interesting learning experience! I've not sworn at it yet so things are looking hopeful. I did manage to take a bit of video, lord knows how. I have not a clue which buttons I pressed or in what order. No doubt I'll keep you posted.

22/12/17 Just thought I'd log on and add a bit of a blether! I'm waiting for my van to come home. Dan the van figures large in my life and he's been in sick bay for a couple of days. It came as a shock to have to use the bus the other day. The windows were so filthy from the spray off the roads that you couldn't see a thing. I was one and a half hours travelling a journey that would normally take forty minutes. Fortunately I had my book with me, a good murder or two to while away the time. The first driver was a cheerie chappie and very helpful in letting me know which stance I needed to wait at for my connection in Glenrothes. A bacon roll and a cup of coffee put the world to rights while I waited for the connection. All in all I think I quite enjoyed the experience, chatting to chance met strangers and no pressure to hurry up and get on with the next task. The journey was just going to take as long as it was going to take and I just had to go with the  flow.

16/12/17 To continue on from yesterday. The Christmas windows event was great fun. Lots of music and Christmas songs and carols. Yours truly was asked to sing and after practising for days while driving around the countryside and in the shower etc. lost the tune when it came to performance time! Oh well! I did it as a recitation instead. Stepped off the platform and whoosh, it was back and won't leave me alone. The darned thing will probably stay with me for a week or more.

15/12/17 From what I've been told, blogging is basically just blethers about what has been happening round about and what you've been up to. I really am an awfy blether so here goes.

Christmas windows have been looming large in my life the last few weeks but Sally and myself with not some insignificant input from Sally's husband Keith managed to get the our part of the task completed. It's been hard work but good fun, I hope everyone doing a window had as much fun.


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