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Craft work is always very popular. Many people find it a good way to relax and take time for themselves. They have the joy of a finished product at the end, which they can keep or give to someone as a present.

Interactive Pastimes will run classes at a venue of your choice. It can be a one off event or a series of classes, a day workshop or a week of workshops; whatever suits you.

Inspirational Sewing - I'm not quite sure how to describe not so much what I teach but my attitude to sewing. Don't expect the conventional or "proper" way of doing things unless it is the simplest or most suitable way to do it. I love working with textiles and creating all sorts of different and original things - wall hangings, clothes, soft furnishings and even small upholstery projects.

Decoupage using rice paper and napkins to decorate is very popular. Glass, wood, metal and slate are all fun to work with. This is probably best done with a series of classes as there is a lot of drying time but day workshops work well too. At the end of a series of classes there will be two items completed; a day workshop one. I think day workshops is the only work my hairdryer does!

Most of the pieces I do for fun and as samples to show my learners but, if per chance you see something you like, get in touch and if it's available you can buy it.

I've been asked to do a short workshop making simple candles. This is good fun, working with either bees wax or parafin wax. The parafin wax can get a bit messy but that's half the fun!


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